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When drains begin running slow, overflow or you experience frequent backups, you need reliable and professional drain cleaning. Elk Grove Plumbing & Drain has a team of trained specialists able to tackle even the toughest clogs and provide a permanent and cost effective solution.

Home and business owners should avoid using home remedies and liquid drain cleaners, as they can cause more damage to the pipes. We offer exceptional customer service and honest plumbing work with integrity.

Professional Drain Cleaning

  • Effective – Professional drain snaking safely and effectively clears minor and major clogs. Plungers can weaken seals and liquid drain cleaners can be corrosive to drain pipes.
  • Eliminate Odors – Our team is skilled at eliminating foul odors with professional hydro jetting services.
  • Long Term Solutions – A home remedy may clear the drain momentarily, but professional snaking and hydro jetting provides a long lasting solution.
  • Warranty – We provide expert warranties on all of our drain cleaning to provide home and business owners peace of mind.

Interior Drains – Kitchens, Lavatories, Toilets, Laundry drains

Interior drain cleaning from Elk Grove Plumbing & Drain is fast, safe, and effective.

Kitchen drains can easily become clogged with grease and oil buildup or food items. Our team will provide the best option, snaking or hydro jetting, to thoroughly clean the drain and remove years of buildup.

Lavatory sinks, laundry drains, and tubs/showers can become clogged due to hair and soap product. If left too long, it can build up excess pressure and cause leaking pipes. We will effectively remove the hair and help you to prevent future clogs.

When toilets run slow, but other drains are clear, it is easily solved with a professional toilet auger. We can clear the toilet clog without harming the toilet or damaging the seal.

Main Sewer Line Drains

If the toilets are bubbling and/or multiple drains in your home or business are slow, it indicates a larger issue in the main sewer system.

Our team will assess the problem and property to determine the best method to clear the line. Often, using our professional main line snaking machines, we can clear the sewer through a cleanout, or in some cases through a roof vent.

If roots are present in the line, or it does not clear with a professional snaking, we will recommend a sewer camera inspection to diagnose the cause of blockage.

Roots are a common cause of frequent sewer backups. Sewer lines can also back up due to deterioration from age, breaks in the line from natural shifting, or heavy scale and grease blockages. We will assess the condition and provide an estimate for a thorough drain cleaning.

Elk Grove Plumbing & Drain offers hydro jetting solutions, sewer line repair and replacement, as well as trenchless pipe bursting for severely damaged sewer pipes. Hydro jetting uses high pressure water to scour and descale the interior of the sewer pipe and remove roots and years of buildup.

Schedule Preventative Maintenance for Frequent Use Drain Lines

For problem drains, commercial kitchen drains, and high use lines, preventative maintenance drain cleaning is recommended. Elk Grove Plumbing & Drain can offer a plan uniquely designed to keep your drain lines clear year round.

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