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For almost 50 years, we have been providing residential and commercial customers with expert sewer camera inspections. Elk Grove Plumbing & Drain has a team of trained plumbers able to accurately diagnose sewer blockages and offer affordable and honest repair solutions.

In-depth Sewer Camera Inspection Services

Using specialized drain cameras that are smart and flexible, our team can inspect the sewer line and pass through even sharp bends and tight spaces to accurately view the condition, cause of blockage, and provide a solution for repair or replacement.

The drain camera has special radio transmitters that not only detect the sewer issue, but also detect and record the depth and precise location, which is crucial to performing trenchless sewer repair and traditional dig ups.  A sewer camera inspection is necessary prior to all major sewer repairs.

When to Perform a Sewer Camera Inspection in Elk Grove, CA

Elk Grove Plumbing & Drain will recommend a sewer camera inspection for problem drains, prior to making a trenchless sewer repair or hydro jetting services, and often recommended prior to home purchases.

A sewer camera inspection can help home and business identify potential issues before they become major problems and provide peace of mind.

  • Age – Sewer materials will not last forever and can break or deteriorate as properties age or due to shifting in the ground. Common materials, such as cast iron and clay, can last between 50 and 80 years, so older homes may experience more sewer backups if the pipe is not repaired or replaced.


  • Frequent backups – Normal drain clogs can happen due to natural use, but frequent occurrences indicate problems in the main sewer line. Most commonly, roots can enter into sewer pipes and cause breaks and severe blockages. A sewer camera inspection will provide an in-depth view of the condition, and cause, to allow our team to make the appropriate repair.


  • Large Trees – Trees provide beauty to any landscaping, but their roots can be damaging to sewer pipes. We recommend performing an annual sewer camera inspection to ensure roots are not causing harm to your sewer lines.


  • New Home Purchase – Performing an in-depth inspection in the sewer line prior to purchasing a new home can save headaches and frustrations with repair costs. New home inspections only assess visible plumbing systems, so often there may be problems in the sewer line. With a camera inspection, new homeowners can make an informed decision.


  • Area Drains – Before the rainy season, any property with an area or landscaping drain should ensure the line is clear of debris, rocks, and other ground elements. With Southern California’s dry weather, area drains do not get regular use. During heavy storms and rains, clogged lines can back up causing property damage. A sewer camera can view the line and ensure proper repairs are made prior to the rains.

Honest and In-depth Camera Inspection With Elk Grove Plumbing & Drain

Our team is trained and qualified in all sewer line inspections, repairs, and replacements. With our advanced diagnosis, we can help home and business owners save money and avoid severe blockages with our sewer camera inspections. Elk Grove Plumbing & Drain has been in the community for almost 50 years and we are committed to our customers’ happiness.

If you are experiencing frequent backups, suspect roots in your line, or would like a second opinion, we can help. We offer same day services and always quote the price before we begin work.

For unparalleled customer service, integrity, and an honest plumber to perform your professional sewer camera inspection in Elk Grove, CA, call 916-714-7667 Monday through Friday 7am to 7pm.



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